Monitors (sometimes referred to as Flasher Monitors) produce an audible signal when the attached trailer's indicators are operating and functioning. The majority of our Bypass Relays have monitor functionality built-in; but we also produce two standalone monitors; the TF1152 Superbuzzer, which is available in three different versions, and the TF2100 Clone Universal Flasher Adaptor.



TF1152 Superbuzer

The basic TF1152 is a simple device consisting of a single buzzer driven by two independent bulb detection circuits; allowing the two trailer indicator circuits to be monitored independently of each other.

The buzzer sounds when either of the detection circuits senses that the connected trailer indicator bulb is successfully energised.

The TF1152 with its relatively short leads, is designed to be fitted in the rear part of the vehicle, close to the rear lamp clusters.


Superbuzzer with Flying Lead

The TF115FL is an special version of the basic TF1152 fitted with a 4 metre flying lead, connected where the buzzer's positive lead is connected on the basic TF1152. The unit is supplied with a second buzzer which is intended to be connected to the end of the flying lead, consequently allowing for a second buzzer to be located up to 4 metres from the main unit.

The TF115FL should be considered over the basic TF1152, when the fitting location of the main unit would mean that the buzzer would be inaudible when using the basic TF1152. With the TF115FL the main unit (with its detection circuits) is installed close to the rear lamps, whilst the secondary buzzer at the end of the 4 metre flying lead can be installed close to the driver.

In all respects the function and operation of the TF115FL are the same as the basic TF1152.

A panel lamp, or similar alternative device, can be connected in place of the second buzzer. Please contact us for the electrical drive capability of the TF115FL.


24V Superbuzzer with Flying Leads

The TF115FL24 is a 24 volt version of the TF115FL. In all respects the function and operation of the TF115FL24 is the same as the TF115FL and basic TF1152.


Clone Universal Flasher Adaptor

The TF2100 directly adds functionality to the car's in-built flasher relay so the trailers indicators can be monitored.



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