About Us

Tow Technology is the name of the automotive division of SY Electronics Limited, providing solutions for the towing industry. With over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality innovative products for the automotive industry, we have a continuous development policy that enables us to react to market requirements extremely quickly.

We have been designing and manufacturing in volume various towing electrics parts for Ryder Towing Equipment Limited for over 20 years. Our design and manufacturing divisions complement each other in achieving high quality products with optimum and competitively priced solutions.

We are excited to announce that we are now marketing our products directly and would be interested in appointing additional distributors and stockists throughout UK and mainland Europe; please contact us for details.

Amongst our many novel designs, is the “Self Switching Caravan Relay”, more commonly known as the “Self Switching Combination Relay” or “RT1170”. This pioneering design and solution enabled boot fitting of an automatic power switch, activated automatically only when engine is running and yet compensating for any voltage drop due to cable losses; a real pioneering breakthrough.

With the advent of automotive lights signal modulation by car manufacturers, traditional bypass relays were no longer adequate. Once again we rose to the challenge, providing the first “Universal Bypass Relay” capable of working with all makes of cars. Our innovative and unique approach enabled these “Universal Bypass Relays” (RT2218 range) to work with any car; from traditional switched lights, modulates signals (as used by General Motors/ Vauxhall/ Opel, etc.), to more complex multi-function lamp signalling (as used by BMW, etc.), such as when the Tail and Brake signals using the same lamp; again, another pioneering break through.

Tow Technology is committed to providing reliable and cost effective solutions for the automotive towing electrics industry. With our primary slogan “Solutions by Design” and strive for excellence, we are proud of our achievements within the industry.

Tow Technology will be adding to our existing range of towing electrics during 2010 and is presently developing a full CANbus Bypass Relay in response to the growing market demand; AVAILABLE Q4 2010.

As a manufacturing company, we are able to offer towing electric products at factory prices direct to the trade, with experienced technical and sales support team to service all your requirements efficiently and swiftly. Our quality, service and support is second to none.



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